Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{TWD} Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie..and Apple Apple Bread Pudding

In the last few days the temperatures here in Tennessee have shot through the roof....I suppose they are not that high but I am such a wimp when it comes to humidity that it seems hotter than it is.  All that to say that it was a perfect day to make Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie. Thank you to Spike from spikebakes for choosing this weeks refreshing, tropical, ice cream recipe. :) Check out the blogroll at the Tuesday with Dorie site to see how other bakers fared this week.

This was a simple recipe to put together. The most difficult thing about it was browning the coconut for the crust. It seemed to take forever for my coconut to turn golden brown and I was afraid to leave it for even a second in case it decided to turn black instead of golden brown as soon as I turned my back! The recipe called for store bought cookies, store bought ice cream and bananas.

My daughter picked the bananas off the top, ate the ice cream and left the crust. She loves so many random things but bananas and coconut are not on the list. Little man completely passes on this dessert which really surprised me because he would eat bread and sugar elusively if left to his own devices. My hubby loved it. He said it was like Banana Cream Pie...kinda. I loved the crust but could do without the bananas as well. I did leave out the rum as I didn't have any on hand and a trip to the liquor store wasn't part of the plan for the day. It would probably kick up the taste a bit. Anyway, this was a refreshing, tasty dessert for a hot day!

Last weeks recipe was Apple Apple Bread Pudding. I made this for my class 2 weeks ago but didn't manage to actually post anything on it. I posted the pics on facebook but not on my blog. Thank you to Elizabeth of Cake or Death for choosing Apple Apple Bread Pudding. My husband did not even give this a second glance but it got the seal of approval from my "I don't eat cooked fruit, Mommy!" daughter. She even asked for a second piece. My class loved it and took some of it home with them.  I actually thought about passing on this recipe as I am not a a big fan of bread pudding. There is a restaurant in town that makes white chocolate bread pudding that people rave over. I am still not a fan but I am glad I made this bread pudding. I definitely will not be afraid to make it again!


Leslie said...

These both look so delicious, Karen!

Clivia said...

Two great desserts! It's nice when children find something new to like. Beautifully done!

natalia said...

Ciao ! I love them both !

Katrina said...

It's been TOO hot here in Kansas as well. It's the humidity. Don't like it. For that reason, I'm excited we're moving back to the dessert (Utah). Though, I'll probably complain then about it snowing in May! I just saw someone's blog pictures of about 3 inches of snow on Monday! CRAZY!
Your pie looks great to me. I made ice cream sandwiches (for fear of eating too much of the whole pie).

Tia said...

nice pie... i did a rewind... lenox biscotti :)

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Ok, that bread pudding looks incredbile!!! I think your super pregnant friend needs a big piece with ice cream ASAP:)

The Food Librarian said...

karen, both of these desserts look delicious!!!! - mary

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