Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 24 {TWD} Caramel Chestnut Cake

Thank you to Katya from Second Dinner for choosing this weeks recipe. I have been drooling over the picture in the book since I got it. I had no idea how involved it was because I couldn't get past the photo to actually read the recipe. Now, you are going to have to pretend there are photos until tonight. My sweet husband took the camera with him so he could take pictures of Little Man by his star at school. This year, the kids school is learning a different virtue each week. A child from each class that displays that virtue gets a star on the virtue wall and has the treat of sitting on the stage for lunch. Munchkin was chosen for Peacefulness and got to sit on the stage a few weeks ago.
This weeks virtue is Kindness and Little Man was chosen from his class. Not only did he get that honor it was his day to take in snack for his class. I made these:
On to the cake. This is an expensive, time intensive cake to make. And I didn't even spend as much time as I needed to. Why? Oh because I forgot the entire step where you add an extra 2 and 1/4 cups butter to the caramel chocolate ganache and let it sit in the fridge over night before putting the cake together.

Instead of making a square cake and baking for 48 minutes and then sawing the layers apart, I baked my cake on a 17.25 inch cookie sheet and cut it into 3 sections. I probably should have trimmed the edges but didn't think about that until after the fact.

The caramel chocolate ganache is so tasty I think I could sit down and eat it all in one sitting and then have a horrible stomach ache and just not care. yes, it was that good. Maybe that is why I forgot the extra butter. But again I am getting ahead of myself.
On Saturday I cooked and peeled the chestnuts that would go in the cake and adorn the top...with a little help from my hubby.

Sunday, since Munchkins spots were still fading from chicken pox, we stayed home from church so I could bake. I forgot to add chopped chestnuts to the first layer but made sure to add them to the second layer.

The last layer of ganache had to sit at room temperature until it was thick but still pourable. After 6 hours it was still pretty thin but I poured it over anyway creating a nice puddle under the cooling rack. After sitting in the fridge for a little while everything firmed up nicely. I added my gold luster dust coated chestnuts to the top and took a few photos.
Here are my monkeys cleaning up the puddle of ganache.
It looks delicious! Now I hope it lasts until Thursday when we cut into it. Come back tonight so you can see the lovely photos of this extravagant cake!


  1. Wow,quite the cake! I just couldn't do it. Sigh! ;) Hope you love it and it was worth all the time and kitchen cleaning!

  2. LOL - i do that too - bake it thin and cut it in 3rd's instead of cutting layers.