Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Day Fun

I know I posted about the election and how glad I am that it is over. But, I didn't post about the rest of the day. Both kiddos came with me to vote and we were in and out in just a few minutes. I think there were 10 people ahead of us. Munchkin even helped me out by pushing the button with me.
Once we were done in the voting booth we went out to play at the park for a bit. The kids love to go out there and Little Man is actually climbing on the equipment now. That is a major feat for him.

Since we had our voting stickers we made a stop at Krispy Kreme for our free star shaped doughnuts. Munchkin and Little Man polished theirs off but I saved mine for Bobby. He voted too but didn't make it to Krispy Kreme.

We met Angela and her kiddos at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It was insane there. Since every ones kiddos were out for Election Day there were a million kids all wanting the same space on the play structure. It probably wasn't that bad but I was ready to get out of there when we did. We loaded our carseats into Angela's van and went to the zoo.Munchkin and the Soccer Star miss seeing each other all the time. They used to swim together so they saw each other at least once a week. This was an unusual week, as they saw each other when we went to see HSM3 and again on election day.The kids were all thrilled to be at the zoo and they all did great. We missed the elephants, giraffes and Lorikeets this time. That was OK though. We have a pass so I love being able to go just until the kids get tired and then leave. Of course, the zoo now closes at 4PM instead of 6 due to the time change. We got there at 2 and the two hours we were there was perfect for our 4 kiddos.The Nashville Zoo has a gigantic play structure. This was the first time I let them play on it this year. When Little Man was a tiny baby and Munchkin was only 2 we went on a playdate to the zoo. Munchkin has always been fearless and I told her to stay where I could see her. We were there with about 5 other families, some who had bigger kids. Little Man needed to eat and since I was nursing I sat at the picnic table and covered up. Well, it didn't take long for Munchkin to disappear. I was totally freaked out. My friend Becky helped me look for her and she found her up in the play structure freaking out! Munchkin wanted to come down and a big group of kids kept pushing her higher into the structure. There is a huge slide she could have come down but she wanted down the stairs. We haven't really played there since.

The whole play area has been revamped so we let the kids check it out. Munchkin and the Soccer Star stayed together and Little Man stayed with me for the most part. But, the Big Kahuna was gone in 3 seconds flat. That one has no fear to speak of! Little Man, who is usually happy to obey took off too! Angela found Little Man and I had to rescue Munchkin. She and the Soccer Star started up the cargo nets on the way up to the slide. She got about half way up and looked down. Much to her chagrin she was on a net over water. I got up there with her and got her safely to the slide. We all slid and looked like we had stuck our fingers in light sockets.

Angela found The Big Kahuna and we managed to get the kids out to the car without too much hassle. There was our never ending drama of the girls wanting to spend more time together but we explained to both of them that it was a school night and we all had to go home and rest.

All in all a fantastic day.

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