Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day started off at about 6:30 am on Sunday. Munchkin came bounding into our room, jumping on our bed practically shouting her good wishes to her daddy. I think he was a little surprised (or maybe not) that she had a gift with her. She had told him the day we got his gift that he was not getting a Fathers Day present. Silly girl. She did a good job of keeping the secret though.
We had her go back to sleep and we let Bobby sleep in well about 7:15. He opened his first gift, which was so cleverly wrapped in a backpack, and found a tackle box. Munchkin ran in her room and grabbed the fishing poles that had been purchased and hidden in the attic earlier in the week. There is so much junk up there I knew he wouldn't find them even if he went in the attic! :)

I was pleased to see he was thrilled with his gift. Since we have had children he has talked about taking them fishing. It is a fun outdoor activity we can do as a family and just good quality time.

I do have to say here that Bobby is the best daddy ever to our kiddos. I appreciate him so much and love him even more when I see how wonderful he is with our kids. He teaches them about God, hates to discipline but does it when needed, and never ever considers hanging out with our kids babysitting. :) I love you Bobby!!

Sunday we didn't have much time to spend fishing so tonight we headed over to the marina near our house. We were just getting the worms on the hooks when our neighbor drove up. He was taking his family fishing too! Bobby got the kids set up first and then hooked his worm.

Both Munchkin and Little Man waited patiently for their fishing poles and when they got them they cast like experts into the water. Well, Munchkin had been practicing so hers went pretty far. Bobby had to help Little Man a little bit. On his first cast Little Man lost his speed racer bobber but he caught a fish!! We think it was a blue gill.

Munchkin tried and tried but to no avail. She caught a lot of moss. She was pretty convinced she should try flowers on her hook instead of worms.

Bobby was so patient with both of the kiddos. I was afraid one of them was going to fall in the lake. Who knows how deep it is and what the heck is down there! Yuck!
After trying and trying Bobby finally caught a fish! He let Munchkin help him reel it in so she could be in the picture too. Bobby had a really difficult time getting this one off the hook but he finally removed it and let Munchkin throw it back. She got poked by one of the spines but that did not deter her fun.
She was more worried about the storm we could see coming in. We could see lightening in the clouds but we could not hear any thunder.

We finally got home around 9 tonight. We were all hot and tired but I think everyone had a really good time! I am thankful for a husband that loves me and our kids and wants to be able to spend time with us. He Rocks!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Karen and I love that you and Bobby are making such sweet memories with the kids.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

What a great present! It's awesome that you gave him a gift that he will enjoy and that he can enjoy with the kiddos. BTW, I'm with Bethany, I want to use flowers for bait too! :) Ang

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