Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chickfila Par-tay

I love that Little Man knew his birthday was on Friday. It was so cool to us that he "got it". He understood that he is now 4 and such a big boy. I asked him several times over the last few months what kind of party he wanted. Often times he would say "Piderman!" Sometimes it would be Pirates or some other random thing he was thinking about. When we went to pick out invitations though Speed Racer won. I am lame and didn't get the invites mailed so I sent an evite instead.

I called Chickfila in Rivergate to ask about parties and was told they don't do parties anymore but we were welcome to come set up a little before and have the party there. At VBS I ran into Linda who is one of the owners and she and Todd hooked us up with some cups that they had left over from the party days. :) Thank you Linda and Todd if you are reading this! When we got there I talked to the manager on duty and he told us to go ahead and set up. He sent one of the girls out to help us and they really took great care of us! I ordered the kids meals about 20 minutes before everyone was supposed to get there and they had them ready as people started to filter in.

After eating the kids all ran off to play and the adults hung out and talked for a few minutes. It wasn't long until everyone was ready for cupcakes, ice cream, and presents. What fun! Little Mans expressions were great and he was so excited to open presents! Thanks again to all of you that were there!
We cleaned up the best we could without a broom. Everyone said good-byes and filtered out. Now, the best part of the party was obviously how excited Little Man was but also the company, how well we were treated, and not having to have it at my house! :) Woo hoo!

Next up: Munchkins I have no idea what she is going to want to do.


Susan said...

What a cool Speed Racer cake! Where did you get it? I love the pic of your little one with all of his presents around him!

Karen said...

Thanks Susan! We got the cake at Publix. :) It's actually cupcakes! Much easier than cutting a cake.
I try to do that pose with each kid at birthday time and Christmas time. It helps me remember who got what and who to send thank you notes to. :)

melissa said...

so i googled speed racer cakes and found your blog, lol. i went and ordered it from publix for my three year olds party next weekend after i saw your son's cake. ;)

but cannot find any speed racer party decorations. where did you get them?!?!?


Karen said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the comment!
I got the decorations at Walmart. They were on an endcap though, not on the aisle with the rest of the decorations. They has everything. :) Good luck! Your boys are adorable!

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