Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Mile High City

Last weekend was our whirlwind trip to Denver Colorado. It was beautiful! We flew our Saturday night and got in around 8:30. We felt kind of bad because we ate dinner before we left Nashville and everyone waited for us to eat dinner. This meant we got back to the hotel oh about midnight. Munchkin fell asleep on the ride from the airport, woke up long enough to say high to her cousins and proceeded to fall back asleep for the entire time at Applebees. Sidenote: I am not a fan of Applebees. Every one I have been in has had terrible service and this one was no exception. The waiter was really nice but we ordered appetizers and dessert and we were there for 2 hours.

This was the view from our hotel room. Oh how I miss the mountains!

Before we left for the wedding Grandpa got this cute shot of us. Of course we can't get all four of us to smile at once. At least Little Man has a great smile in this one!

To keep Little Man occupied Grandpa helped him stand on one foot! The concentration on Little Mans face is priceless!Bobby's mom and dad rented a van for all of us to get around in. We were short one seat so Munchkin got strapped in on our laps. None of us are small people so we thought it was funny to squish in the backseat. I don't know how those three six foot tall people actually had any leg room back there!
Once we got to the hotel that the wedding was at we had a few minutes to wait. Munchkin went to say hi to Grandma. She was so excited to see her. Taking pictures of the kids helped at least for a moment keep them out of the lovely fountain behind Grandma and Munchkin. I have to keep reminding myself "they are building immunity" when I catch them doing things like licking the glass in the fountain.

There is a discussion over at Music City Moms about if your kids are not invited would you go to a wedding. Our friends Matt and Marci, that got married last October,requested that no kids attend. Their wedding was on the side of a cliff and completely understandable. My parents live not too far away so we were able to drop the kids off and have a weekend to ourselves. This wedding all of the kids were invited to. We were responsible parents (as were Jon and Teri , Bobby's brother and sister in law) and sat near the back so if we had a distracting child we could remove them quickly and quietly. Of course at this particular wedding Little Man being distracting was not an issue at all!
We got all of the cute dressed up cousins together for a picture.
These are Bobby's brothers. Joe is on the left. He and Roxanna have been married for almost 3 years . Jon is in the middle. He is married to Teri and they have 6 kids. And then there is Bobby of course! Aren't they cute?A sweet moment between daddy and Little Man.

Munchkin and cousin #4 were reliving their Flower Girl/Ring Bearer days from 3 years ago.

Finally a picture of the Bride and Groom. This is Jason and Amanda. Jason is Bobby's cousin. Hey Ray, if you are reading this ask Katie if she is related to any Farnsworths in Colorado. Amanda just reminded me of her.

This is Munchkin with Bobby's cousin Billy. The last time we saw him he was in high school and we went to Medieval Times in Anaheim. He is now a successful businessman. Munchkin and Billy were sitting next to each other at the wedding. She entertained him by counting to 99 and telling him about all the veggies she likes to eat. He was very sweet to her.
I made the mistake of telling Munchkin that there would be dancing at the reception. From the time we got out of the car until dinner she kept asking when she would get to dance. She asked as soon as we sat down at the ceremony, she asked as soon as the ceremony was over, while we were waiting to go to the reception, when we sat down for dinner, halfway through dinner, while Jason and Amanda were dancing, and finally when she was able to go. Once they opened the floor for everyone she and Little Man were the first ones on the floor. They pretty much stayed on the dance floor for the rest of the reception. One of my favorite moves by Little Man included putting both hands on the back of his head and shaking his booty back and forth. He also tried to do the worm.Once we left the reception we decided to take a dip in the hotel pool. The kids LOVED swimming and playing together. It was fun to see Munchkin learn how to do a cannonball from her cousins. We then made our way to the Black Eyed Pea which was closed for remodeling and then went to Chilis. We had a party of 16 and the service was fantastic! The waiter remembered everyones orders, our drinks were never empty, and I never got a regular coke instead of diet. There is a reason that Chilis is the new golf course.

Mom and Dad wanted to leave really early the next morning to get to the airport. It is a good thing we did too. The airport was packed! It took us a really long time to get through security but everyone was in good spirits so it was OK. We had quite a while to explore the airport and both kids did great the entire time. We flew Frontier which we really liked. It was $5 to watch TV but it was worth it to keep Munchkin occupied. Little Man fell asleep for most of the flight.

It was a really fast trip and we didn't get to see much of Colorado but it was fun. Plus being with family is always a good thing!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all had such a good time and that you got to be with family this past weekend. The kids look so cute on the dance floor.
Love ya,

The Jacksons said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing about your trip. Great pictures!

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