Saturday, September 15, 2007

High School Musical on Ice

On Friday Angela and I took the kids to see High School Musical on Ice (Thank you Angela!). Before the main event though we went to Blackstone for dinner. Yes, I know it is a brewery. But, they have really good food, inexpensive meals for the kids that include homemade applesauce and m&ms, and of course Diet Coke! The kids were a little antsy but I suppose they were just really excited to get to the show.

Both Munchkin and the Ballerina sang along and even danced a little to the music. Angela and I were jamming too. I think it is a requirement for the parents to know every word to both HSM and HSM2 if they have kids between 5-13.

Munchkin LOVED seeing the actors out on the ice singing the songs. She did notice that it wasn't exactly the same as the movies but I explained to fit everything in they have to change it up a little bit, not to mention so they can skate to the music. She was impressed with the twirling and jumps. She did also comment on Troy falling on his hiney during the angry golf course song. oops. :)
We got the girls commemorative water bottles and cotton candy that came with the cool pink hat in the first picture. What a fun night! If you get a chance go see this!

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