Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Hermitage and a Visit

What a wild and crazy week we have had! Bobby's brother Joe and Sister in law Roxanna got here last Tuesday for a visit. Joe is the Assistant Sports Information Director at APU so he had a few games to work in Kentucky. They extended their trip and got to see us all at once!

We pretty much just hung out Tuesday. Wednesday we took a trip to the Hermitage. It has been about 5 years since the last time we went...in fact Munchkin was in a Maya Wrap sling the last time we went. Both kids were so good. Munchkin had a headset to listen to the audio tour and she shared it a little bit with Little Man. She was very interested in hearing all about the Hermitage. Joe and Rox like to go to Historic places so this was an interesting place for them to visit too. If you look close you can see the Hermitage in the background.
Joe helped both of the kids pick a bit of cotton.

Not only did we get to go to the Hermitage we also went to Fort Nashborough and the Hard Rock Cafe.
Picture, if you will, Little Man holding my hand and Joe's hand. He is jumping up and down quite high when he decides to let go of my hand, this causes me to drop him, try to grab him, trip over him and pretty much almost fall on him. In the process Bobby sees me falling and grabs me from behind almost falling over me. All in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville. The people on the patio got a good laugh. Once I realized Little Man was not hurt I too was laughing!

Friday Joe had to drive up to Kentucky. I dropped Munchkin off at school, Bobby off at work, went and got a tire patched on the Durango, and then met Joe and Rox at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. We would have gone up earlier but you have to be at least 7 to go in the Corvette plant. Little Man loved going in the store at the museum though. Rox caught this funny picture of him on the way home.

To top off the week Munchkin had a birthday party on Saturday just before we had to head off to the airport for a wedding in Colorado. Bobby and Joe's cousin Jason got married in Denver. All of the cousins were there. We had a great week with Joe and Rox and hope we will get to visit with them again soon.


Ray said...

Thanks for the great pics. It is always fun to come and see what is going on in you guys lives!

silly me said...

you are the busiest person ever!

i love the pics. that one of Little Man is too funny!

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