Thursday, April 06, 2006


This morning while we were getting ready for the day our phone rang. We thought who could that be calling us this early in the morning. When we checked the message it was our neighbor Dean who has a tree business. He said they were going to be in the neighborhood today and wanted to take our tree out for us. Bobby called him back and Dean said he and Gwen had been talking about it and they just really want to show some of Gods love to those around them and they really wanted to take out our tree. Dean had been talking to Lee who lives directly across from us and she had mentioned some of the stuff going on with out little guy (ACC related). Anyway, his crew came and took our tree out! We kind of felt like Satan was trying to get in the way though. Just as they started his loader stopped working and then my camera battery died just after I got video of them taking the tree down by hand. Everything went well though and all we have left to show is a pile of sawdust where the tree was. One of the workers showed me that the middle was deparmentalized decay and there was a problem with the sap. It probably would have been ok for awhile but because of the decay and everything and more strong storms supposedly on the way it was good to get it taken care of now! God works in amazing ways and it is good for us to see Him working!

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