Friday, April 14, 2006

Strawberry Mustard

"I don't know about strawberry mustard in my milk!" said my little girl this morning. I have kind of a difficult time getting her to drink plain milk so chocolate usually does the trick. I thought we would try strawberry syrup this morning though. Apparently everything in a funny bottle is mustard (which she detests). She tried the "strawberry mustard" and was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, before she could drink all of it her brother dumped it on the floor. I guess he wanted to try some strawberry mustard too.

Later this afternoon we busted our bikes out of the basement and took a nice long ride. I am going to be hurting tomorrow. I am the girl who exercise means mopping my floors. I do not like to sweat because that means I have to wash my hair and I have so much of it it is a pain to dry. Don't get me wrong, I love being clean I just don't like drying my hair.
We took the kids up to the park where they got to swing and slide and swing some more. Our little guy rode on a big boy swing and was very proud of himself. Both the kids rode in the bike trailer and loved it. That was a huge improvement over the first summer we had the trailer and out little girl screamed every time she was in it.

I was showing my hubby the pictures from the day and he just gave me the nicest compliment. He told me one of my pictures could probably win a contest. :0) What a sweet hubby.
Here it is:

Tonight I took dinner to a friend that just recently had a baby. We got to talking about the tornados and she said they had all of the patients in the hallway. I can't imagine being in labor or having just delivered and having to go in the hallway. Jeremy from downhere has a video on his site that shows how big the hail got. Check it out if you get a chance.

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